Who is Johanson Consulting?

My name is Terry Johanson, and I have spent over a decade researching, innovating and designing processes and structures for planning and facilitating high-quality professional learning.  I have enjoyed my time as a sessional lecturer with the University of Saskatchewan, and have just completed a graduate certification in Online Adult Learning and Facilitation at Trinity Western University. As Founder and CEO of Johanson Consulting, I work with schools and systems to plan and deliver professional learning experiences tailored to meet learner needs.

Prior to launching Johanson Consulting, I was the Director of the Saskatchewan Professional Development Unit (SPDU) where I designed province-wide supports for teaching and learning. I have held many roles in public education including middle years and high school mathematics and science teacher, vice principal and principal, and mathematics and science consultant.

During my time as a K-12 educator, I had the opportunity to:

  • complete my Masters as part of the Math (Ed) Cohort at the University of Saskatchewan, researching “With Wonder: Leading a Mathematics Community”.
  • work with NCTM (the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics) as their online Algebraic Thinking facilitator, online lesson writer and Reasoning and Sense-Making Think Tank member,
  • write several units within the Pearson’s Saskatchewan Science series (I am most proud of the Grade 6 flight unit!), and
  • lead a team of researchers with the McDowell Foundation for Research into Teaching and Learning, investigating the impact of comprehension strategy instruction on student learning in Physics.

My goal in launching Johanson Consulting is to work deeply with schools and systems to create capacity-building initiatives that listen and respond to teacher and system needs. In order to provide authentic experiences for teachers, I have been collaborating with other professionals who bring their gifts of knowledge and passion to our work together. My collaborators include:

Sharon Anaquod B.Ed

Sharon is a Numeracy Coordinator with File Hills Qu’Appelle Tribal Council. She supports school administrators, teachers and students by raising the profile of mathematics through best practices. Sharon is a graduate of the Saskatchewan Urban Native Teacher Education Program at the U of R. Sharon’s knowledge and experience is a gift to our work, developing sessions that promote language and culture through all areas of teaching and learning.

Nancy Barr B.Ed, M.Ed

Nancy is an elementary classroom teacher and professional development facilitator with NMBarr Consulting. Nancy’s knowledge and enthusiasm spans literacy, assessment, and dissolving the walls of our classrooms. Nancy is part of the Growing Resilience Team, developing sessions to help teachers and leaders mitigate the impact of trauma.

You can connect with Nancy at: nmbarrconsulting@gmail.com

Kyla Bouvier B.Sc

Kyla is the founder of Back2Nature Wellness and is trained in Body Talk, Conscious Living Investigations, Access Bars, and Reiki. She is a consciousness-based healthcare practitioner. Kyla is part of the Growing Resilience Team, developing sessions to step into your personal power.

You can connect with Kyla at: back2natureevents@gmail.com

Megan Weisbrod B.Sc, B.Ed, M.Ed

Megan is a middle years classroom teacher and professional development facilitator with Megan Taylor Consulting. Megan and I are in the process of co-authoring a book, “Disempowering the Math Gap: The Assess-Respond-Instruct Framework”. Megan and I collaborate to empower teachers and students to build mastery and increase engagement in mathematics.

You can connect with Megan at: megan@megantaylorconsulting.com

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