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Who is Terry Johanson at Johanson Consulting?

Terry Johanson has spent over a decade researching, innovating and designing processes and structures for planning and facilitating high-quality professional learning.  Terry is currently a sessional lecturer with the University of Saskatchewan and CEO of Johanson Consulting, working with schools and systems throughout Canada to plan and deliver professional learning experiences tailored to learner needs.

2018-09-29 19.49.24Terry was the Director of the Saskatchewan Professional Development Unit for four years, where she devised innovative structures and processes for planning, facilitating and creating networks of teacher leaders working together to create a space for professional generosity. Prior to her Directorship, Terry was a mathematics and science consultant and completed her Masters as part of the Math (Ed) Cohort, researching “With Wonder: Leading a Mathematics Community”. This research explored the structure of a Middle Years Math Community with over 70 participants which was designed and implemented to encourage multi-directional coaching.

Terry has been a middle years and high school mathematics and science teacher in Saskatchewan, as well as a number of other subjects like Practical and Applied Arts, Life Transitions, health, English Language Arts, social studies, career education…. The life of a rural educator! During her time as a classroom teacher and rural administrator, she also had opportunities to

  • work with NCTM (the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics) as their online Algebraic Thinking facilitator, online lesson writer and Reasoning and Sense-Making Think Tank member,
  • be a part of the author team creating Pearson’s Saskatchewan Science series (she is most proud of the Grade 6 flight unit!), and
  • lead a team of researchers for the McDowell Foundation for Research into Teaching and Learning, investigating the impact of comprehension strategy instruction on student learning in Physics.

Terry’s hope is that by launching Johanson Consulting, she will have time and opportunity to work deeply with schools and systems in order to create capacity-building initiatives that listen and respond to teacher and system needs.


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