Leadership Supports

Leadership has many roles in your organization, not least of which is setting the strategic direction and monitoring the progress towards goals. There are a number of different professional services that I provide that can support you.

Strategic and Operational Planning

Strategic planning often begins with an analysis of present state, with goals centered on what you and your organization are not doing, or not doing well. Deficit thinking can demotivate and sap the energy of the very people you need to enthusiastically work towards improving your organization.

  • Strategic Planning strategic planning processes should empower you and your organization to know where you are going, what data to use to monitor your progress, and know what it looks like when you reach your goals.

Program Evaluation

Whether an initiative is existing or new, it is important to know whether it is having the desired impact it was designed for. I can help your organization set up monitoring systems and analyze data that can be used as formative or summative assessment to inform your next steps.

Team Building

Building a sense of trust and belonging for adults is important for a team to be effective and greater than the sum of its individual parts. I will customize your team building session to help your team define itself and strengthen its ability to function efficiently through a sense of collaboration and shared purpose.

  • Building Coherent Teams – sometimes, we get stuck thinking that there is a tug of war between our local autonomy and our system, or collective direction. Building coherent teams has participants walk through processes where we identify those actions that are best for autonomy AND integration of ideas. When we get to a place of coherence, we feel both empowered and interdependent to move forward together.

Communication Skills Development

Communication skills and stance are foundational for leaders to work with their staff. Questioning and paraphrasing within different types of conversation shells, whether it be planning, calibrating, or reflecting, are powerful tools to open up thinking and move an organization forward.

Planning and Facilitating Adult Learning

Many leaders are required to plan and facilitate professional learning experiences for their staff in group settings. I am able to provide both formal workshops on how to plan and facilitate adults, as well as support leaders through individual mentorship. Effective professional learning is both well-planned and well-facilitated, and I can help both individuals or facilitation teams understand both research and practice.

  • The Problem with Helping: Teaching is a helping profession, why is it so difficult to begin helping relationships between colleagues? Coaches, catalysts, mentors, administrators and learning leaders can benefit from examining barriers and strategies to begin helping relationships in a good way.
  • Designing PD that Teachers Deserve: How do we design learning for teachers that is as important as the day they would have had with their students? Professional development facilitators and teacher leaders can work through a process that creates authentic, relevant, practical and effective professional learning experiences.

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