Educational Sessions

Designing and facilitating professional learning sessions is a collaborative effort between myself and my clients. This page lists several teaching and learning themes which I am able to customize to ensure that the session learning outcomes match client goals and the facilitation design is differentiated for professional learners attending.

Foundations of Teaching and Learning

  • Classroom Management: More than strategies, how do we recognize underlying causes of student behaviour in order to support self-awareness and self-regulation?
  • Building Resilience through the Circle of Courage: How do we help to support student growth and resilience through a strong classroom community?
  • Multi-graded Instruction: How might you plan for multi-graded instruction in a manageable and sustainable way?
  • Infusing First Nations, Inuit and Metis Perspectives: How do we do this authentically and holistically while meeting curricular outcomes?
  • High Impact Instructional Strategies: How do we select instructional strategies that have the most impact on student learning?
  • Increasing Student Engagement: How might we increase student engagement through instruction in our classrooms?
  • Differentiation: Differentiating instruction is not about creating separate lesson plans for each child, so what is it?


  • Planning for Outcomes-Based Assessment and Instruction: How do you move from curricular outcomes to instructional activities and assessment criteria?
  • Formative Assessment: What formative assessment strategies can be infused into instruction seamlessly in order to inform both teacher and students?
  • Feedback for Learning: How might we structure and give feedback to move learning forward without exhausting the teacher?

Literacy Instruction

  • Comprehension Strategies Across All Subjects: How do we help students make meaning of new and complex information in all subject areas?
  • Writing Across All Subjects: How do we encourage students to use writing as a way of showing what they know across all curricula? How do we assess it?

Mathematics Instruction

Science Instruction

  • Inquiry in Science: What are the four levels of inquiry, and how do we teach the skills of inquiry as students progress through them?
  • Comprehension Strategies in Senior Science: How do we support students in making sense of complex science text and hands on activities?

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